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Change management for ERP / MES worldwide implementation

Context and Objectives

A worldwide leader of Luxuray and Consummer Goods

A SAP/Flexnet (Manufacturing Execution Systems) solution has to be implemented to 35 worldwide plants

COO and CIO Operations want to :

  • warranty plants projects roll-out deadlines
  • deliver expected industrial performance improvements through new IS


A dedicated change management support to each plant

- Change maturity assessment during the project
- Mobilization and communication
- Steering committee and project leaders coaching
- Process reengineering
- Training skills for local trainers
- New performance monitoring system
- ...


Plants roll out success

  • > 95% acceptante by end-users through middle management IS solution ownership
  • Plants with change management support had respected project milestones

Industrial performance improvement for major plants :

  • Organization and management improvement (more rigor, best practices implementation, cross functional process reengineering, …)
  • Productivity / Yield improvement (reduction of the number of production batches …)
  • Production plan stability
  • Better integration and visibility (Logistics and Short term planning, common packaging and manufacturing planning)
  • Quality departement productivity (-20 to -30% of Raw Material Control)
  • Improvement on stocks and flow management : accuracy on stocks and data flow
  • Time saving and efficiency for middle management (reporting automatization, automatic logistics …)

Company reorganization due to strategic repositioning

Context and Objectives

The North African electricity producer and supplier company is exposed to the market opening to competition : a 3500 employees subsidiary with about 100 electricity production units (diesel fuel unit, steam unit, gaz unit)

Company and subsidiary CEOs want to assess organization effectiveness and design a more competitive organization
nisation, définir et mettre en oeuvre une nouvelle organisation plus compétitive.


A four months approach for :

- Organizational and processes performance diagnosis around :
- Purchasing
- Enginneering
- Maintenance
- Finance and Controlling
- HR


  • New organization and transformation roadmap design
  • Improvement streams action plan
  • Top 50 executives alignment on new target

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