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Cultural change and management efficiency

Context and Objectives

For the French Electricity producer and supplier.

The quality Director wants to assess the safety culture among the 10 000 employees of a division.


Design and implementation of a “Safety culture management survey” across the different functions and hierarchical levels

  • Deep cultural and practices assessment analysis
  • Management mirror effect between hierarchical levels
  • Design of a change management action plan
  • Implementation of change actions to support and sustain cultural change (including training courses and communication plan declined by managers


  • Top and middle management awareness about cultural and practices improvement needs
  • Evolution of the safety culture translated into new shop floor behavior and best practices

Increase industrial competitiveness through management

Context and Objectives

A 600 employees plant for luxury goods manufacturing.

A tough social climate with a low continuous improvement culture. Strong change resistances.

Strategic stakes : The plant has to double the number of product references within 6 months and to increase products quality level under new regulatory requirements.


A 10 months transformation program based on :

  • Quick wins : reduction of production losses, Kaizen breakthrough on production lines, …
  • Process reengineering : New product launch, planning, procurement, …
  • Management systems evolutions : A deep work on performance monitoring system, assessment and recognition, middle management Best Practices


  • Industrial added value increase (cost reduction at constant workforce : + 5% after 1 year; +30% after 5 years
  • Inventory level reduction : -40%
  • Continuous improvement dynamic driven by middle management
  • Social climate improvement

Industrial cost reduction

Context and Objectives

A 1400 employees integrated petrochemical site (5 plants and shared services held through joint venture 50%-50%)

A high stretch context :
. strong local change resistance
. political disagreement between the 2 main shareholders

Shareholders wish to recover competitiveness for the site due to competitors pressure


A 18 months cost reduction program from diagnosis to result delivery based on different organizational redesign and process reengineering
• Global organization between shared services center and plants
• Production
• Maintenance
• Controlling
• HR Policy and management culture and efficiency
• Performance monitoring

The program had been led and implemented by a joint team (9 company employees + 10 consultants)


  • by the end of the diagnosis : 17 % cost reduction identified
  • after one year : 12% cost reduction and new organization and processes implemented

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