R&D Quality Risk Management

Context and objectives

  • In a context of products complexification and higher exposure of products to international markets, the Head of Research & Innovation of a world wide leader wish to reduce quality problems and better master quality risks management


  • World wide Research & Innovation Teams


  • Diagnosis based on R&I organization & processes analyses & experience feedback workshops following quality incidents  
  • Design of an improvement roadmap based on different levers:
    • Risk management across the organization
    • Systematic Risk Analysis on every new complex innovation and development projects
    • Scientific approach  
    • New R&D Quality organization 
    • Managers customized training program for « Design Risk Management » 
    • Quality incident management and experience feedback process & tools


  • Drop of  the number of R&D quality incidents (Divide by 3 in one year) 
  • New R&D quality organization & processes
  • New Quality & risk management training program for managers