Boosting the rise of a new worldwide Purchasing organization and European program

Context and objectives

  • A major FMCG company is deploying a new Worldwide Indirect Purchasing organization (using BPO leverage) and is implementing an Indirect Purchasing Performance Program across Europe.
  • Facing strong internal change resistances, the Indirect Purchasing Corporate Director wish to adapt the change management strategy to better support this transformation  


  • Indirect Purchasing Teams Worldwide 
  • DAF Europe


  • Change management Diagnosis to assess the image and the positioning of the indirect purchasing department
  • Design and implementation of a change management improvement plan (including Com & Mob plan, Stakeholders Relation Management strategies, change curve, …) 


  • In 2 years: from 35% to 70% satisfaction & confidence from main stakeholders 
  • Over delivery of the European program: +40% of expected savings vs budget
  • External recognition » (“Decision Achats“) – Special awards « BPO and Change Management as a booster of purchasing performance »